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By June 5, 2014Faith

This post comes from Mary Kathryn Brown who is a student in a local student ministry here in Pawleys. We love to hear testimonies from high school students about their experiences with discipleship in student ministry.


Being a part of a close group of people is really important for teens. I have learned throughout my high school career that everyone just wants to fit in somewhere. No matter what is going on, everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something more. I have always gone to youth group for as long as I can remember, and I have loved every minute of it. But, when I started going to my high school youth group things changed. It was a completely different environment than what I was used to. It was more intentional and intimate. I started to realize that it wasn’t just getting together with a bunch of people every Monday night. It was getting together with family. I had never experienced growth like that in a group of people. It was amazing to see how God completely changed my perspective on what it means to really do family together. I never thought I would be involved in growing with believers like that, especially not while I was in high school.

With such amazing family support in a big environment every Monday night, I got involved in a deeper family with just a few people from my youth group. Being discipled challenged me in many ways, and my faith and knowledge about God really increased! This group ,unlike youth, was very high commitment but it was worth it. I learned shapes to get me through everyday struggles and many valuable life lessons. It was a secure environment to open up about anything on my heart knowing people were there to help me. Being discipled helped me learn about my identity in Christ and about my personality in general, and without those experiences I wouldn’t be who I am today- a member of Christ’s family of believers!


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