The Bergs – One Month Into Marriage.

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Kim Rhodes:  So Blake, how do you like being married?

Blake: It’s Fine. 

If you know Blake at all, when you get that one or two word response you just have to smile.  Blake and Kim have been married now for a month and it’s great seeing them settle into their new life together.  We at the office love that Blake is married now.  He is definitely much happier.  Not that he wasn’t happy before but he just seems to have this new spring in his step.  He brings in baked treats for the staff… um, that NEVER happened before.  Did we mention that he is happier?  Please continue to pray for Blake and Kim in their transition.  We all can’t wait till they decide to throw their first house warming party. 

We still talk about their wedding.  We all loved making the trip to Americus.  It was such a fun time.  Here is Wayfarer at it’s best.  And here is the Happy Couple.  What a fun day it was!'

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