The Chicken

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I’m trying to think back on how the chicken got it’s place in the Wayfarer family.  I may need some fellow staff to fill in some of the missing pieces.  But right now it sits in our office, adorned in a glass case (used to hold Courtney Reichley’s wedding bouquet) and the chicken is always waiting for it’s next squeeze.

The chicken furthermore represents the creativeness that you’ll find weaved all throughout Wayfarer.  Anytime something encouraging or inspiring happens, someone will go and get the chicken out of his glass castle and give it a squeeze.  It makes this awful wail that has been known to send small children running in panic and tears.  But the sound when heard through our office walls is the constant reminder of the goodness of God and the great work He is allowing us to be part of.

So whenever you hear that the chicken got squeezed you know something great has just happened and it’s a moment for all of us that hear the wail to give a celebratory shout, or a clap or a holler and join in the celebration that God is good.'

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