The In-Between for Chris

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The In-Between


Got done fbc Hotlanta a couple of days ago. Getting ready to load up to Shocco Springs for Student Life Camp. In Between what God has done and what God is going to do. In Between the chaos of packing my family up and the chaos of  traveling with them. In between Moore and Talladega.


My first week of camp was off to a great start. Had some really good God and life conversations. I talked to men and women who are the verge of becoming a super nova of Kingdom energy and efficiency and listened to some gut wrenching stories of brokenness and collateral damage. FBC has a bunch of students willing to wrestle with God and for their unique name and place in his Kingdom. Hanging out with this diverse group left me with a “holy dissatisfaction” for the normal monochromatic audiences I so often find myself in front of. Hats off to my friend Jordan Esleay and his entire crew (including Dr. Chuck Stanley) for creating a true reflection of diversified unity. This camp was also way cool because it was on the beach and they intivted the family to come. I can’t tell you what it means to me as man, husband, father, and communicator to not come back to an empty room after a session. My wife tireslessy works to keep our family and her part time job as a Medical Transcriber in order meanwhile allowing me to be the Obsessive Complusive Speaker Guy. Tad Pole had a blast at the pool and beach and it was great to see that the church staff also brought their families.




But that was now last week and this week is now some students first and only week of camp. Will God move in a special way again, What will be different, What will be the same, How many stories will I hear that break my heart, How many will I hear that encourage it. Will student life be the same place I remember it to be. God how can I make sure students not only hear about The Way, but actually experience in four short days. Ahh the anxiety of expectation in the in between.


Pray for me and my family (the whole crew is coming). Audrey and I meet for the first time ten years ago working student life camp. Our first camp was at Shocco where Audrey was the green squad Rec leader, I was the blue (Reichley was our boss and Rhodes was banished to the purgatory of seminar world, Kim was asst Camp Director that they call the event coordinator, and Norris had some cush teaching job at some stationary student life camp and Wendy was at the home office telling Randy and Roger what to do). Neat how things come full circle. Audrey and I also worked with Joy Taylor that summer (her dad runs Shocco) and she and her family will be there this week so it will be an incredible reunion of friendship, community, and shared passion. I can only pray that the students will understand that God wants to write the same story of friendship, community, and shared passion in their lives, not in ten years, not after high school, but right now it what may feel like the in between time.





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