The Liberia challenge

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Monday at Engage, we announced that Engage is partnering with our good friend Jose Alfaro of Brookwood Church to seek out international missions opportunities. We asked Jose to tell his story and talk about his dream for how Engage can reach college students in the African nation of Liberia:

My favorite Engage moment was when I got to live in Germany for a couple of months. I did not have an opportunity to find a church there where I could plug in. So every Sunday I would get the podcast and play some music. Engage fed me and maintained me through those tough lonely months. It was a beautiful experience. 

Engage has taught me a lot. It has fed me and has challenged me. The one thing I can say about Engage is that it has never diluted God’s challenge and has never cast Christianity in a light of an easy Gospel or a Gospel of abundance. 

At Engage, the biblical truth that following Christ is tough, challenging and NOT SAFE has always been shown. But they have always shown that this is a glorious way to live, one that leads to full and abundant life like Christ wanted us to have. 

I think the next step is to give people a little push here and allow them not only to hear this message but to put the message to work. Not only to hear Christ but to act upon His message and be His hands and feet. 

I think we have the perfect opportunity to go where God is working and join in not only for the heck of it but to put our talents to work. Liberia has an incredible need for love and hope. Fourteen years of civil war left it destroyed and in shock. Our strength here is the knowledge of how God has moved us through the college years and how blessed we are to have the college infrastructure and culture we have here. They need to hear that. Students (more than 30,000 of them in Monrovia alone) NEED to hear from people who have been through it that college WILL make them better. They need to hear that their mission field is their classrooms and that the knowledge they get can and should be used for God’s kingdom to be here on earth, not just for us to get ahead in the rat race. 

I bring today not only a desire for a partnership but a challenge to us as ENGAGE COMMUNITY (of which I believe I am part of) to adopt the efforts to reach a people group that God is craving to reach. I bring the challenge for us to say “Abba, we will go, if you send us, to love on the college students of Liberia. We will foster them and adopt them as our own brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, friends and family.” I think God would bless that desire and purify it with His spirit. 

As a Wayfarer team, we’ve longed to find a great partner with whom we can put together international missions opportunities. Little did we know that God was using Engage to help that partner grow! We’re thrilled about the chance to work with Jose, and we can’t wait to see what the dream of Engage in Liberia looks like in 2010 and beyond.

Between now and then, Engage is partnering with Brookwood Church for a trip to Mexico in August of this year. More details are coming soon here on the blog, and we’ll feature that trip on soon.

There are lots of exciting things happening, so keep watching for the latest info!'

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