The life cycle of Room 1228 theme

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god is three kindsDo you ever wonder how a Room 1228 series comes to be? Here’s an inside look at the life cycle of one of our Room 1228 themes: God Is.

*It started as a series at Engage. In fact, God Is was the first Engage series back in the fall of 2000. Every one of our Room 1228 series started this way

*We then self-published a God Is devotional book in 2002. That’s the sky-themed book you see on the left. We ran an initial print run of 1,500 books and sold them out.

*We took God Is to publishers, and we reached a deal with AMG Publishers to publish a line of devotional books called Following God for Young Adults. God Is was the first of five books in this series. That’s the purple book you see in the middle. This book was basically the same as the book we self-published in a new layout with some minor edits. We sold more than 10,000 of these books through our publisher and from our office over the next 5 years. The other Room 1228 titles based on AMG books are Redefining Normal, The Other Side of Normal, and Vice Versa. We will base two more themes on AMG books in 2010.

*When Room 1228 started, we repurchased the rights to God Is and the other 4 books we had done with AMG (which had just gone out of print) so that we could include them inside of Room 1228. With God Is, we took the leader’s guide material and recast it with major edits, turning it from 8 sessions into 4. You might recognize some of the illustrations from the original book, but we found more creative, more memorable language to express the point in each lesson. We made these new documents downloadable underneath the new Room 1228 system. We also created an all-new workbook for God Is, this time laid out by our artist Blake Berg. That’s the crate-inspired design you see on the right above.

god is three kinds 2So that’s the life cycle of God Is – from series to self-published book to publisher’s book to self-published on-line resource with a workbook. Now it’s available for you in Room 1228. And watch the blog – we’ll have info on two brand-new Room 1228 themes that are being released next week!'

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