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I received a phone call today from someone who has been such a huge financial supporter of Wayfarer and what we are called to do.  They were calling to update us on an address change that they had.  I won’t mentioned names but I can say that this person is an older retired person who believes in the work God is doing in our world and thus supports the younger generation in living out their dreams.  Wayfarer happens to be one of the outlets they are doing that in.  Isn’t that amazing.  I know most of us here only hope to be those kind of people when it’s our turn to pass the baton to the next generation.

It was nice to be able to once again thank this person on the phone today for investing in us.  And it was so encouraging to hear their words.  They reminded me what a joy it was to out give God and always see Him continue to bless them in their giving.  They were so joyous about having opportunities to give.

So to all of our supporters… those who give sacrificially to us with your contributions and to those who are constantly praying for our ministry… we thank you.  Thank you for believing in us, believing in what we are called to do enough to act and play a role.  

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Kim Rhodes / Events Coordinator'

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