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I may or may not have seen Interstellar 3 times in the last week and a half. Undoubtedly one of my favorite films in the last five or so years. While I’m not known to sit down and read too deeply into the emotions movies produce, I felt like I had to with Interstellar. There aren’t any spoilers here, so you can read along and then go see the movie.

These are some of my thoughts as I reflected on Interstellar:

Always be present.

Whether it’s with the people you love or in the decisions you make. Be present. Be intentional. It saves a lot of heartache when we realize that the decision we made had a purpose and not just a mindless response.

A leap of faith can lead to breakthrough.

Sometimes the decisions you are faced with offer little to no clarity of the results afterwards. That doesn’t stop the characters in Interstellar and it shouldn’t stop you. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith into the unknown to find clarity and experience breakthrough.

Speaking of the unknown…

There are things out there we don’t understand, but they’re beautiful.

In the Christian culture, we tend to shy away and not talk about things we don’t know. The truth is, we have an Awesome Creator that makes Beautiful Things. Stars and galaxies and gravity are beautiful things, and you are too. If we can sit and marvel at the things He’s created, on this earth, that we understand, then it’s ok to sit and marvel at the things He’s created, beyond earth, that we don’t.

Love does.

Whether it be across dimensions or over a span of time, Love does affect us and the people around us. From the beginning of the world to The Cross and from that to now and forever, we function because of God’s love. And it’s that love that casts out all fear, which, I’d love to believe, drives the main character in Interstellar.

I hope you get a chance to see Interstellar. It looks good, it’s full of adventure, and it gets the mind-wheels turning.

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