Two notes about Room 1228

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It’s an exciting time of year for Room 1228, and we don’t want you to miss out. And so to let you know what’s going on, we wanted to share a couple of notes with you.

*First, this is the perfect time to buy an all-access membership to Room 1228. If you have a little money left to spend in your 2009 budget, an all-access membership gives you great bang for your buck. If you buy now, you will have immediate access to eight unique themes, and we’re going to be launching 8 more themes in 2010. So that’s 16 different series that you can use on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, or at camps, retreats, or D-Nows. We are excited to offer this great value for just $499. And once you purchase an all-access membership, you can download files and keep them forever. It’s a value that will serve your ministry well in the coming year and beyond.

*Also, we want to tell our members that we’ve resolved a download issue that some Internet Explorer users were experiencing as they downloaded some Room 1228 zip files. This issue should be resolved, and we’re looking to make the download process even more flexible and user-friendly soon.

We’re excited about all the new series and new experiences that are coming in 2010, and we hope that you’ll join us in Room 1228'

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