Wayfarer at Anderson University’s Spiritual Focus week

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The Wayfarer team is preparing this week for spiritual focus week at Anderson University. Wayfarer’s Chad Norris and Dave Rhodes, along with our good friend David Walker, will be leading Anderson students both at chapel Wednesday morning and then in special worship services Wednesday and Thursday night. The goal of this week is to provide a spiritual focus for Anderson students as they get into the meat of their academic year.

This is the second year that Wayfarer has programmed and put on services for Anderson University during its spiritual focus week. Our whole team loves working with Greg Allgood, Becky Walker, Dr. Bob Cline, and the campus ministry department for this special event.

smokeGraphicThe theme for the week is Smoke, in which we’ll look at instances from the Bible in which smoke and fire indicate the presence of God. We’ll use these stories to think about the presence, power, and priority of God and what these things mean to our lives.

It’s going to be a great week. Please pray for the Wayfarer team and for Anderson’s students as we come together for this special spiritual focus week.


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