We Don’t Have Perfect Examples, But We Do Have Living Ones

By April 5, 2013Faith

As this movement is growing, an ongoing question that many are asking is if they are able to see examples of where the models we talk and teach about are being used in practice. This is an answer to that question!

People don’t need perfect examples, they need living ones. Grace Fellowship Church is exactly that! They’ve lived out models of discipleship and mission and integrated it throughout their church. They’ve done this so much that it’s truly a part of their DNA. This video was made to show the cross-generational discipleship models in their Student Ministry. This is what we’ve been waiting for…

If you liked what you saw and want to see it for yourself, come see us in Atlanta! Grace Fellowship church will be the host for our Student Ministry Workshop in Atlanta – Oct 8th-10th.

This will be an immersion experience where we will be discussing the methods and importance of missional discipleship in Student Ministry Contexts.

You will have the opportunity to see first hand the model that Grace has designed as well as receive much input from several experienced practitioners. More information on this to come. If you are interested, please contact             sam@weare3dm.com

We’d love to see you there!






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