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As we told you Friday, Chad Norris spoke at the CrossRoads Community Church men’s retreat over the weekend. We wanted to share part of an email that we got back that helped to express what God did amongst the guys who were part of this event:

Chad, Thank you for being so unscripted this weekend at our men’s retreat. I have had enough pre-packaged, pre-pared and performed religiosity that poses as Christianity for one lifetime. How refreshing! You have begun to open my eyes to the truth that has been there all along. Just like Neo, my eyes are sore because I haven’t used them before. When I get a glimpse of the truth you are teaching, sometimes I feel “like I’m going to blow.” I don’t believe it is merely coincidence that I wrote and read about my lack of knowledge about repentance… and you answered that question. … With a grateful heart…

It’s always great when we hear back about what God does at events. It was a great encouragement when Chad shared about this e-mail and about other events from the weekend in our staff meeting today. We’re thankful that our guys at Wayfarer have a chance to impact people’s lives at events all spring, and we can’t wait to see what God does with them on the road this summer!


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