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We’ve been promising news on this for a long time here on the blog, but we’re finally launching a huge new project here at Wayfarer. It’s called Room 1228.


What is Room 1228? Room 1228 (online at www.room1228.com) is the place to find all the latest in resources for all youth-ministry settings. No matter what your ministry setting is, you will find all the tools you need, including:

*promotional material
*and much more

Room 1228 has material that can be customized and used in many different ways:
• For special weekend events like retreats and Disciple Nows
• For summer camps and similar week-long events
• For large-group settings like Wednesday night meetings or all-age Sunday School gatherings
• For smaller settings like individual Sunday School classes, general education classes, and in-home small groups
• For groups that utilize both large- and small-group gatherings in the same time window

When you purchase a Room 1228 title, you will have the chance to download a package specifically tailored to your setting. If you have questions about which package best fits your setting, contact us and we’ll help you find your best solution.

Room 1228 will offer a variety of themes in downloadable forms. All themes will also have student workbooks available as an additional resource. As we launch, we have two themes: Redefining Normal and Vice Versa. We’ll launch two additional themes this summer and our fifth and sixth themes going into the fall. The plan for Room 1228 is to launch at least 4-6 themes a year.

Churches can purchase themes individually, and we’re also offering a yearly membership that allows unlimited access to all downloadable material for one price. Both are great deals.

We would love it if you helped us spread the word about Room 1228. You can do this by sending this explanatory blog entry to the youth mininster, education minister, or pastor at your church, or to any people serving in these roles among your friends and family. We want people to check out everything that’s inside Room 1228 to see how they can use it in their settings. We also have a special $50 introductory discount available right now. Here’s info on how to get the discount.

Watch the blog next week for info on our first two series, Redefining Normal and Vice Versa. And keep watching this summer for news on more series that we’re releasing. And take a look around www.Room1228.com to discover everything that’s inside Room 1228.


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