What did you do on Christmas vacation?

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What did you do on your Christmas vacation? Here’s what one of Wayfarer’s families, the Reichleys, did…

Primanti Bros., gravy fries, benkowitz, 80s hair cover bands… Yes,we’re talking about Pittsburgh! But all of these in one place? That can only be a Steeler game!

The Reichleys were in Steeler Country for Christmas, and had the awesome opportunity to attend the Steelers vs. Ravens (even though they’re still the Browns to us). It was an amazing game in an amazing town.

They even got some footage of Rashard Mendenhall’s touchdown run! When you watch it, you’ll see that, yes, Courtney is a little too excited to be home in Da’ Burgh!

Hope is still alive in the Steel town, at least for one more week.


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