What do you want in your camp experience?

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Want a camp experience that not only encourages your students but equips them?

…..that not only recharges them but roots them?

…..that’s not just a good memory but a real spiritual marker?

Want a camp where theology meets real life?

…..where good talks intersect with genuine decisions?

…..where concepts get personal?

Want a camp that breeds honesty and evaluation?

……fosters vulnerability and dialogue?

….and creates opportunities where it all can happen?

Then we invite you to join us for a week of Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University in 2010.

Look at what others are saying about their experience last year at Wayfarer Camp:

“The worship times changed my view of worship. It made me realize that God doesn’t just want us to sing words we’ve heard all our lives; He wants our hearts to be wrapped around him.”

-Rachel, Student


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