Who’s Dawn listening to?

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Last week, Dawn Sherill shared a little about her summer and specifically her work on The Word of Promise project. She is working with Thomas Nelson publishers in the production of The Word of Promise Old Testament, following the release of the New Testament version last year.

Well, we didn’t print the names of who Dawn’s been listening to in these recordings because we didn’t want to put out information that wasn’t public yet. But we have permission now to say who Dawn has been listening to as The Word of Promise Old Testament is being recorded.

Recently, Dawn has participated in recording sessions with Michael York, Richard Dreyfuss, Martin Jarvis, Marcia Gay Harden, Gary Sinise, and Stacy Keach. As she listens, she helps to make sure that the dramatic interpretation of these talented actors is true to Scripture. The finished product is amazing — check out The Word of Promise New Testament to get a taste of it.


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