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We seemed to have settled into an uncomfortable position in youth and young adult ministry. Almost everyone agrees that what we have done in the past no longer works; in fact, we’re not completely sure it really “worked” in the first place. After all, we’ve all heard the alarming statistics of people leaving the church once they leave high school youth group. To compound the problem, only 4% of Gen Y are even coming to church related things to begin with.

But in the absence of another way forward, we continue what we’ve aways done. Maybe we’ll stumble into something else, right?

This workshop will be about the future of youth and young adult ministry. We will look at ways in which putting discipleship and mission at the center of everything we do could give us a way forward. More than that, we’ll give you examples of different youth and young adult pastors doing it in new and exciting ways. Not just theory. The real deal. Along with Dave Rhodes and the Wayfarer and 3DM team, we’ll bring in pastors from around the United States and Europe who will speak into what they are doing.

  • Rich Atkinson from Sheffield, England
  • Randy Rainwater from Atlanta, GA
  • Gina Mueller from Minneapolis, MN

This workshop will give you a chance not only to hear their stories and some foundational teaching, but lots of time for Q + A, as well as a chance to step inside and experience some of these new vehicles for mission and discipleship: Huddles and Missional Communities. We will also be capping the event at around 200 to provide for maximum exposure to our team.

We’d love to have you join us. You can get more details and register here.

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