Reflections from this Summer’s Wayfarer Camps

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This past summer has flown by, and now here we find ourselves, on the back end of the summer, having served at two Wayfarer Camps. Our experience directing Wayfarer Camp this year has been overwhelming and uplifting, stressful and freeing, hard work and lots of fun. We took some time to reflect on our most precious memories of Wayfarer Camp 2013, and here are just a few:


  1. Whenever we will read 1 Corinthians 13:13, we will surely be able to hear in our minds a chant of hundreds of people reminding themselves, and one another, of the promise that FAITH, HOPE and LOVE are the forces in our world that were there in the beginning and will remain until the end. “And the great of these is…LOVE!”
  2. God is GOOD! Our students and staff were reminded (and learned for the first time!) that God is truly in the little things. Rain poured and poured the first afternoon at Land Camp, and we woke up the next morning with a message from our service project contact saying she did not want our students serving that day because of the storms. Well, we only had one choice: we had to do recreation that afternoon, instead. Which meant that we HAD to be outside. With an eighty percent chance of rain, it wasn’t looking hopeful. But there we were, early in the morning, praying with our staff for the sun to come out. And boy did the sun shine that day! IMG_0922This experience became a testimony that ran through the summer and encouraged our staff and students when circumstance seemed immovable. We pray that it will be one that they can lean on when life seems to present similar circumstances.
  3. We are extremely grateful to the community of Woodruff at the Land Camp service project. After serving their community, we were blessed by being served in return by an abundance of food. Then we were privileged to hear powerful testimonies of how God has brought some of their workers out of such depths, and to see the great love of Christ evident in their lives. When we think of generosity, we think of Seeds of Hope in Woodruff, South Carolina. They are people who have responded to the calling to bless everyone they come across, mainly with the basic needs of life such as food, water, shelter and cleanliness. The most amazing thing is that they offer blessing to the point of overflow. They never give out of a scarcity mentality. This kind of generosity has left and impression on us that we don’t think we will ever shake.
  4. Each week, the Lord gives us a word of the week, and during this year’s Beach Camp, the word was “freedom”. One of the moments at both camps when we saw this word most evident was the night when the evening response time was the Taschlich. It was during this time that the students finally released the things which were holding them back and that they had been holding onto for far too long. This is the moment they threw their sickness, sadness, shame and sins, represented in a piece of rubble, into the water knowing that they will never have to hold them again. We may have never seen the evidence of freedom so strongly as when students saw that rock hit the water and then allowed that knowledge of freedom to rush over them. Everyone experienced this in a different way. Many of them left in floods of tears and/or laughter. For those who found perfect peace in that moment, we could physically see the peace on their face and covering their body. They may have stood there looking at the ripples for quite some time, but when they walked away they knew they were moving into new life. God was good to do freedom work at camp this year.
  5. One joyous memory we share is of the worship at Beach Camp. The freedom in the room was contagious. The Holy Spirit gave David Walker and his band a new song, which we repeatedly sang. One afternoon we were working on something in the back room when most students were out at the beach or serving the city. We heard voices singing in the worship room, and Sam ran over to check out what was going on. He walked in to a chorus of a church of 25, creating harmonies to David’s new song, praising the Lord through song and thanksgiving. They were waiting on instructions for their service project, and instead of playing on their phones or sleeping, they instead chose to come together and praise the Lord. What joy!
  6. It is always incredible to hear of the testimonies of the students who have given their lives to Christ for the first time, as well as those who have recommitted themselves to the calling God has placed on their life. This is something that will always be the greatest joy to us and to the rest of the staff. Seeing students walk from death to life is something worth giving your life to. With that, we will always remember the 55 children who have been released from poverty this summer, and who were given life and love. The ones who have now been given the opportunity to walk from death to life, physically as well as spiritually. These are the 55 children who were sponsored during camp this year, through the work of Compassion International. Thank you to all of you who sponsored a child at camp this year!



These are just six of the many memories thatl we wil cherish from this year’s camps. Thank you to everyone who was involved to make it happen. Thank you to Barefoot Church, Seeds of Hope, and Christmas in Action for making our service project dreams a reality. Mostly, thank you to all of the churches that came from all over the country to see what God had for them. Students, Adult Leaders, Youth Pastors, Pastors…we love you and are so grateful to partner with you guys. We would love to hear more testimonies from camp, so please leave a comment here. Put photos on our Facebook page ( Talk to us on Twitter (@wearewayfarer).


Let’s celebrate together everything that God has done this summer!


In Faith, Hope and Love


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