Athens, here we come!

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After a great night with Donald Miller last night in Greenville, part of Wayfarer’s team is headed down the road to Watkinsville, Ga., (just outside of Athens) to meet with the WinShape camps team. We’re taking the 2010 theme that will be used at Boys Camp, Girls Camp, and C3 and beginning to dig down into it to come up with the progression of topics throughout the camp session. We’re hoping to identify some of the main points for days during camp as well.

Meetings like this are always intense in the way they challenge us to think, but we’re excited about what’s in store for all of WinShape camps this summer.

And by the way, you should follow WinShape camps on Twitter! Follow Connect Ministries (that’s C3’s parent organization to you and me) @connectmini. Follow WinShape Camps @WinShapeCamps.'

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