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Jordanne Bonfield

Youth Ministry as a Stepping Stone

By | Discipleship | 2 Comments

  Youth Minister Longevity.  It’s a thing.  There are books, blogs, statistics and other resources informing you how to last longer in your youth ministry job.  Are you burned out?  Consider this leadership development conference to revive you.  Are parents driving you crazy with demands?  It must not be meant to last and they just don’t understand you.  Not seeing…

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Practical tips for reaching college students

By | Mission | 3 Comments

By Jordanne Bonfield For the thousandth time, I found myself on Terri’s couch watching TV with her.  During a commercial break, Terri was trying to break through to me about pursuing counseling. Senior year was taking its toll on me, between a major life change, some family hardships, and the acceptance of a full time ministry job after graduation. It…

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