Blake Berg in the running… again

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As you probably know, Wayfarer’s Blake Berg is one of the most talented artists around. We here at Wayfarer get to enjoy Blake’s creativity, technique, and expertise in everythign we do. And all of us love seeing Blake get recognized for his great work.

This year, two of Blake’s designs are in the running for iStockPhoto’s Punctum Day awards in the Design of the Year category. Voting takes place on the website this month to choose 10 finalists out of the 100 nominees for Design of the Year. Last year, Blake had two of the 10 finalists for Design of the Year, and we’re hoping that he gets another finalist this year.

Blake’s nominated designs are the cover of the Wayfarer Camp camper’s workbook, which reflects the camp’s On the Verge theme as well as the Engage promotional poster for 2008-09.

If you’re an istockphoto member, we’d love for you to vote for one of Blake’s designs this month. Voting is open until July 24.'

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