Blake’s Love Story…..

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Welcome up to bat,  the person and family behind every look you see at Wayfarer.   – The Blake Berg…aka… soon to be father.

Our first date was at Forsyth Bar and Grill in beautiful downtown Americus, Georgia. Kim wore vintage-y gray pinstriped pants, a long-sleeved gray shirt, and had her hair done in these little twist things (just the way a like them). She tries to say our first date was at IHOP (the pancake house, not the prayer house) in Macon, Georgia, but she is wrong. That was just a group of friends going to dinner and bowling (besides, that night she was wearing a shirt that looked like one of those pot holders you would make at summer camp . . . not what I want to remember for a first date experience).

The officially official first date was a long time coming though. We met at Beach Reach in Daytona during spring break (that’s where I go to meet ladies. Mission trip chicks are the best, yo). I played it cool and wouldn’t give her the time of day – she was intrigued or, at the very least, annoyed. My wife was never lacking in attention from boys so this was certainly unfamiliar territory. I was golden.

For the rest of the semester (we may have even still been on the quarter system then), she would always flirt with me. She’ll say she didn’t (but she is a liar). She figured out my class schedule and would “happen to bump into me” on my way to class (she would say she didn’t, but remember – liar). It didn’t take long before I started looking forward to those “chance” encounters. Those flirty moments only lasted a few minutes, but always left me wanting more. It was in those moments that love was sparked and a deep relationship began to grow.

We soon became inseparable (but not in an irritating way). She would accompany me to the art building where I could impress her with my glassblowing prowess, welding wonder, and paint magic (which, by the way, is no longer impressive as Kim would often prefer I “just buy her something rather than always making it”). But at the time, it served its purpose well. She was warm for my form, and I for hers.

Now, fast-forward through many years, lots of good times, some bad times, sickness and health, honor and obey (not really obey – Kim obeys about as well as a cat), we are still inseparable. She is still warm for my form, and I for hers. And we are going to have a baby any day now.

 P.S. Kim would agree that everything I’ve said is 100% true.'

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  •' Dad says:

    A story that makes me smile inside and out….

  •' Courtney says:

    You need to write more…now that I can do photo shop…Love it.

  •' Kim Berg says:

    Well, I must say, I do pretty much 100% agree with our love story and I guess I can admit to doing a little stalking. While I waited upon the Lord and Blake, of course, for that perfect relationship…I have realized that through the years and all of the craziness that came along with it, it was definitely worth the wait. My “Jack” is one of the most talented, funny, quick-witted, kindred spirits that I’ve had the pleasure of being around …even though he tries to have such a hard exterior. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this “Jill” will come tumbling after “Jack ” for many years to come without too many questions asked…after all, as Blake said earlier, I have to ask some questions…I don’t have the obeying part down pat quite yet…

  •' Reichley says:

    I thought the Poet left? Unbelievable story telling skills. It grabbed me from the first sentence, kept my attention, and then ended with a sigh of “awwwwh”. Great Jack & Jill love story. Maybe Blake should start writing kids books for Room 1228.

    4.5 star rating

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