Building a Missional Culture isn’t as Easy as A-B-C

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As many of you know, Wayfarer is part of a larger organization called 3DM. Every Wednesday, we will be highlighting a blog written by another part of the movement. Today’s post is from the leader of 3DM Europe, Rich Robinson. He shares insight into what it means to truly live in a missional culture. Is your community (including your students!) marked by these characteristics?

written by Rich

Here are some of the marks of a M.I.S.S.I.O.N.A.L culture – can you see them in your culture or how could they begin to shape how you and your people live?


M – Missional Mindset

People who understand that they are ‘sent’. People who look to the Great Commission as well as the Great Commandments. People who live sacrificially. People who get out of the boat. People who take on the adventure. People who live life outside the church walls. People who recognise those ready and open to Jesus. People who embrace risk & change.

I – Incarnational Lifestyle

People who live a missional lifestyle rather than organise missional events. People who have mission at the core of who they are not just the centre of activities that are ‘put on’. People who share life as well as a faith with people. People who ‘live with and amongst’ not ‘minister to’ people. People who look to be good news to who or where they are placed – home, neighbourhood, work, nursery, golf club, pub, school gates, coffee shop……..


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