Dave on his way to Monroe, LA

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Dave flew out this morning to be with North Monroe Baptist Church, in Monroe LA.  Wayfarer will be partnering with them this weekend for their Disciple Now.  This is the second time we’ve been able to work with this church.  Chad spent this time with them last year.  

Wayfarer is in the midst of it’s spring travel.  This is the 3rd straight weekend Dave has been on the road and Chris and Chad are in the midst of their schedules as well.  We have 24 Events this spring between our 3 guys.

I wanted to depart from this post as an employee of wayfarer and speak from a wives heart.  Dave and I have been in an amazing season of life right now.  Each of us trying to take hold of our dreams and desires and wanting God to work in and through our lives.  Having a husband who travels from time to time is not easy.  It’s hard to send him off as our weekend just gets started.  It’s hard watching Emma our oldest cry herself to sleep because Daddy is gone again for another weekend in a row and she just wants her daddy to be home.

The thing is that Dave travels but not nearly as much as some do.  I know families who’s husbands and dads are away Monday through Friday every week of every year.  Our reality is very real but very ordinary.   I say all of that because it’s a good reality.  Last month one of Dave’s mentors Danny Goodman passed away at the early age of 40.  It’s just now Dave is really fleshing that out as his death is already having a trickle effect on our family and how we want to attempt to live life.  Just last weekend in a discussion we were having… many times knowing an event is approaching…. It’s the knowledge that Dave “has” to go away.  But the terminology has begun to change in our home… it’s not that he “has” to go away but it’s really becoming that he “gets” to go away. That our family along with Wayfarer “gets” these wonderful opportunities to partner with other people in ministry and try and make impact in the lives of people.  And even though Emma is sad, she understands that she is playing a role in what our family is doing when daddy is gone.

And from our family to yours as I was thinking about having to write the weekend travel post for Wayfarer this morning I began thinking as well.  It really is an awesome thing to be part of Wayfarer and to have the families here be able to do what they are doing.  And even while some of our staff here travels a lot on the road there is other staff here that don’t travel out of the office as much but are working their tales off making the voice of Wayfarer known.  I mean really working hard to make maximum impact in peoples lives.  And here is the  thing.. yes we happen to be in position of professional ministry in that as our jobs we are a ministry organization and that is what we are called to do.  But there are MANY people out there who have other jobs…. jobs that don’t happen to carry ministry in the name….. and I think that in anything that we all find ourselves doing that we all have potential to make great impact with our lives.  So as a wife of a husband who travels because that is one way that our family has an outlet to make change… my prayer for him as he is gone is that he makes great impact in the lives that his life gets to touch.  And my prayer is the same for all the other husbands out there who work in different fields like working for UPS, selling cars, running a private practice, heading to the OR to perform a surgery, working on a web layout for a new website…..  that they too would see the amazing opportunity that their day brings them.  That they will wake up and not see life as they “have” to do it but that they “get” to do it.  That we all have an amazing rolls to play in helping others know that Hope Sees, Faith Moves and Love Gives.

Wow, thanks for letting me ramble today.  Did not mean to get into all of that but loved being able to share part of a “wives heart” with you this morning.


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