Engage review – On the verge of giving in

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We closed the On the Verge series by coming to the verge of giving in. As Chris Brooks led us through the moments in which sin seems too tempting or too enticing or too irresistable, we realized that the thought that it will never be me isn’t true. Instead, we discovered that sinful lust is about misplaced trust, and Chris used Scripture to implore us to get out before we give in. As we sat underneath these truths, we discovered that wholeness is always there for us. Chris led us through this topic by looking at the story of David and Bathsheba from 2 Samuel 11, and we all responded by reading together David’s prayer of confession from Psalm 51.

You can listen to Chris’ message if you missed it (or if you want to hear it again) on the Engage site or the podcast. And you can stay in touch during Engage’s offseason at EngageGod.org, via our Facebook page, or by joining the Engage email or text-message list.

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