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This month’s game is – Flag Tag

This is a game that we played at Wayfarer Camp in Spartanburg and then modified it at Beach Camp this year. We had tons of fun and we hope you do too! It’s like capture the flag, but it has a few exciting twists! It is a great way for Jr. High and Sr. High to play a physical game and not have the Sr. Highers dominate the younger students. You play two games at the same time on the same field, so there seems to be interaction, but there isn’t any interference. It is a high energy game that needs a lot of space. Play it and tell us how you liked it.

Here’s short clip of a bird’s-eye view of the game just beginning at Wayfarer Beach Camp!


Underneath is everything you will need to know to be able to play this game. We have given you the Set Up, Procedure, Rules & Supplies. Modify the game to what you think will work for you. The main thing is to have fun!


Set Up 

  • Select 4 Team Bases – roughly equal distance from each other and the “Jail”.
  • Create a 20‘x20’ square in the center of the playing area, this will be the “Jail”.
  • Cone off a 25’X25’ square – this will be the “defending zone”.
  • Using a rope create a circle in the center on the “Defending Zone”. This roped off are will be the “Safe Zone”
  • Place the 1 large Tribe flag in the center of the “Safe Zone” and the 4 small Tribe flag even around the large Tribe flag.
  • Look at diagram for help

Capture the Flag Diagram


  • Divide in teams and gather at your particular base. Get crazy with some Team Face paint! This is how you determine who is who’s team.
  • Explain rules
  • The aim of the game is to “steal’’ as many flag as you can, from your “rival” Team’s base.
    • Blue Vs Orange (older students)
    • Red vs. Green (younger students)
      • You cannot interfere with the other team’s game.
  • You can tag another team member by touching them with your hand, below the neck and above the waist.
  • It is a free-for-all kind of game.
  • How to Win – 2 Options

1. A team wins when they have all the flags for the opposing team.

2. You can put a time limit on the game and a value to flags and determine a winner that way.

(Large Flag = 50, Small Flag = 20)



  • Once you have been tagged in an open area. You have to go the the jail and wait there until 1 person from your team takes you by hand back to your defending zone. 1 person is only allowed to release 2 people at a time. While you are returning teammates from jail you are unable to tag others or be tagged.
  • A defending team is allowed to stay in the defending zone, and other teams aren’t able to Tag them. The defending team is only allow to have 5 defenders in the zone at any one time.
  • Stealing flags is done by entering the safe zone and taking a flag from base.
    • You can pass flag to teammate, before you have been tagged. If you are tagged with a flag you must drop the flag and the flag is returned to its base.
    • 1 player can only carry 1 flag at a time.
    • If you are tagged while you have a flag you must also go to jail, after you have dropped the flag.
    • Large flags can not be taken until 2 or more small flags have been taken and stored at opposing team’s base.
  • Opposing teams are allowed to go into the “safe zone” at rival teams base, and are safe from being tagged, until they leave that zone.
  • Players cannot interfere with the other game that is going on at the same time.

Supplies – 

  • 4 Large Flags
  • 16 Small Flags
  • 4x 8 colored cones
  • Rope for 4 “safe zones”
  • Water Jug (place in jail)

We hope you have fun! Post some pictures of your group playing and share them on Twitter (@wearewayfarer) and Facebook.

– Your friendly Recman'

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