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Today, the Wayfarer team is headed to Greenville for the monthly meeting of Greenville Connect. This great organization seeks to build and unify the Christian community in Greenville by:
*Providing a common information resource center
*Facilitating collaboration for joint ministry and outreach
*Initiating activities that stimulate fellowship and ministry collaboration

This week, they’re doing this with a special program at the Handlebar, our meeting place for Engage. Here’s what our team has in store today:

Research has been done and headlines have been written in recent years about the decline of “American Christianity” and the rise of humanism.   David Olson, author of The American Church in Crisis, found that 78 percent of Upstate South Carolina is unchurched.

We have more buildings and church planting networks than ever before, yet church attendance is declining, as well as an interest in the things of God.  We believe that every problem facing the church in our nation, however, is a reminder that Jesus has a solution. 

Join us for this unusual luncheon with a panel of 3 “unChristians” from our area. They’ll discuss openly why they decline to embrace the message of Jesus and His Church.  Our prayer is that this panel will give us new insights and even challenge some of us to rethink how we approach non-believers and do ministry. 

We’re thankful to be in a community with Greenville Connect and for the resource they’re providing today.'

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