Heading Home From Florida

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Today, three of our guys (Dave, Chad, and David) and the David Walker Band will be heading back to the Carolinas from an event that happened this past weekend in Panama City Beach, FL.  They were there with a group of churches from the Anderson, SC, area that took their students to the beach for their spring break.  Wayfarer partnered with them for this event.

This was an event our team has looked forward to for a while now.  Wayfarer was contracted to bring in our team of speakers and one of our favorite worship leaders to program their event meeting times.  Our team LOVES IT when they can travel together and work together during a weekend.  Most of the time our speakers go out one by one, and so this opportunity was one we love to come across. We hope to have many more of these types of events in the future.  And this kind of team synergy is one of the reasons why we are so pumped about doing Wayfarer Camp.

Please play for safe travels home today for our guys and all the students that were in attendance for a Redefining Normal weekend.


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