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By June 19, 2014Discipleship

Mary is one of our great friends here in Pawley’s. She is a part of the local student ministry and has just graduated from high school! We love hearing from her as well as other students about how discipleship is changing their everyday lives!


Hi I’m Mary Glazier and I love that I’ve been given blood related family and a family given to me through His blood. Having a community that looks to one Daddy is the most powerful feeling that I will continuously fall in love with. Throughout high school I’ve had four spiritually mature warriors investing in my life. They poured everything they knew into each odd question I asked and every simple curiosity I had about their lives and Jesus’s life. I was in one official Huddle that shifted my views weekly and became more fruitful than I ever could have imagined. Although at times their investment in my life looked completely different, each one looked like discipleship.
Each one of them:

  • consistently supported me
  • never failed to accept me as I was
  • challenged me to stretch
  • invited me into their life at work, at home or grocery shopping.

The invitation to do life with one another was new but easy to grasp because it just makes sense. It makes sense to grab Starbucks with my friend and just talk about what Gods been doing and what we want him to do, it makes sense to bring my huddle girl to go skating with me and show that I’m not some untouchable leader but just a high schooler. Learning to reflect Jesus in addition to reading about him has changed my perspective as a complete person. Submitting myself under others somehow smoothly transitioned me into leading more than my schedule could hold (yes I’m a perceiver and I actually had to start using a calendar because of all the opportunities that opened up!). As I find myself pouring more and more into classmates and my huddle girls I crave to be poured into. The idea of a discipleship family/culture has shifted my perspective to love as a lifestyle not as an event. It’s taught me to invite, to challenge and to love each generation, each clique, and each race as equal kiddos of Dad.


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