How to Create Family on College Campuses

By November 11, 2013Mission

This week we are going to share some videos from some Youth and Young Adult ministries from around the country. These were shown at our Atlanta Student Ministry workshop last month. We’ve noticed that each ministry stands out in particular areas, so we’ve asked them questions that pertain to those areas. We aren’t saying that any of these people or ministries are perfect examples, but simply living ones. They are still wrestling with how to personally look more like Jesus and have ministries that reflect His heart. With that said, there is still a lot to learn from their success along the way.


This first video is from Ben Hardman. He is a college pastor of a church called The Avenue, which is located near the University of Louisville’s campus. We asked him, “How have you cultivated a culture of oikos, or family, with the students who come to your church?”

If you would like to ask Ben any question in relation to this topic or another please comment below.'

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