How to Have an Accessible Life

By November 14, 2013Discipleship

Today we are putting out our forth video in our weeklong video blog series. We have had lots of interest in the topics that we have talked about already. But if you have question that you would like us to answer in tomorrow’s video then comment below. If you need to catch up on the other videos we have shared this week, here are all the link for the first three.


The first video from Monday – Ben Hardman answering – How to Create Family on College Campuses

The second video from Tuesday – Gina Mueller answering – How to Balance Structure and Spontaneity in your Ministry

The third video from Wednesday – Chris Brooks answering – How to Have a Good Relationship with your Senior Pastor


Today’s video is from Chris Ozorio. He will be answering the question, “How do you give students access to your life well?” Chris currently works for Pawleys Island Community Church as their Middle-School Director, and is a huge part of the 3DM Pawleys Island Oikos with his wife Kelsi and his two boys. Chris has been able to live a live of impact, due to many factors, but the one that we are highlighting in the video is his accessibility.  He able to cultivate rhythms that allows students to feel invited and invested in his life, but without loosing all of his boundaries. This is an important lesson for everyone to learn. Those who are following us need access to our life but we  as the leaders have to create healthy personal boundaries within those relationships at the same time.

He’s Chris Ozorio answering the question –  “How do you give students access to your life well?”

If you would like to ask Chris any questions in relation to this topic or another please comment below.

Again, if you have a question that you would like the Wayfarer team to answer in Friday’s video comment below.'

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