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In preparation for the launch of Room 1228’s new series Jack and Jill (coming February 1), the Wayfarer team is sharing their own Jack and Jill stories. Today, it’s Robert Neely’s turn.

There are two versions of the story of how I met my wife.

The fairy tale version: She showed up in my office. Not just at my office building, but in my literal office.

The real-life version: She shot me down after our first first date.

Both versions are true. That’s fitting, really, because fairy tales never tell the whole story when it comes to relationships. Instead, real life gets in the way of our expectations of living a Hallmark movie/Disney Princess kind of romance. Some people fall in love at first sight, but far more of us need a second first date to get it right.

That’s really the heart of the Jack and Jill series – that we need to get beyond the fairy tales and live out our romances in real life. Only then will we truly discover just how deep and just how meaningful a marriage relationship can be.

For example, living out our romance in real life means that I look beyond looks and am attracted not only to my wife’s beauty but also her incredible ability to care for and connect with her friends. I hope that our family will go on mission to care for our friends like she does, and that I learn a little bit about how to do that along the way.

I’m glad our romance has a little fairy tale in it. But I’m even more glad that our romance is more than a fairy tale, because it is so much richer and so much better lived out in real life than it could ever be were it only to live in Jack and Jill’s world.


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  • sabrina.lewis@yahoo.com' Sabrina says:

    So so so true. All of it. And I’m thankful I get to live life with you guys and see how your romance is lived out – the fairy tale side and the real life side.

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