Last Weeks Resource Feast

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Wayfarer was privileged to be a part of Resource Feast last week in Columbia, S.C. Resource is a network of youth ministers around the Columbia area that gathers in different regions regularly and then comes together a couple of times a year for a larger celebration. More than 50 youth ministers from across denominational lines showed up last week at Columbia International University for what turned out to be a great event. The Wayfarer team there was incredibly impressed by the community of youth minister there – how they work together, pray for each other, support each other, and cheer for each other. It’s a great testament to how the church as a whole can work together to bring God’s kingdom to a city like Columbia. We’re glad we got to see this network in action and meet many of these youth ministers, and we can’t wait till next year.

Thanks especially to Nathan Aylestock of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, one of our Wayfarer Camp 2010 churches that will be returning for 2011, for letting Wayfarer know about this great event.'

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