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This post comes from Becky Rabb, who is a part of the 3DM team here in Pawleys. She loves art, music, cameras, and serving the local student ministry here.


I LOVE using lifeshapes with students! It is pretty natural to use the circle and process with student’s what is going on in their lives both in and out of huddle. However, a few other shapes that are definitely some of my favorites are the Semi Circle, Up In and Out Triangle, and one that is a bit more obscure: the Prophet’s triangle.




I was leading a huddle for college age student’s one weekend, and before we jumped in, I just asked everyone to give a very brief synopsis of their kairos’… not more than a few sentences- just so we could see if God was saying similar things to them. Low and behold- he was! A common theme that arose was; “I don’t have enough time!” and, “I’m just so burned out!” Since it was an obvious theme in the group, we dug in! I drew out the semi circle and explained to them that in life, we need to make sure we have rhythms of work and rest, or times of fruitfulness and times of abiding just like we see Jesus’ life.


The good news is, its SO simple to think of, but the hard part is keeping the discipline. We have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and seasonal rhythms of work and rest. I gave them a quick example from my own life: I meet Jesus in my daily morning shower! I know it sounds funny, but the water is warm, my mind hasn’t started speeding at a million miles an hour yet, I light a candle, and have word-less music playing. All of my senses are engaged, and Jesus speaks… A LOT! Not only that, but its something I already do each day- why not integrate the two together? My daily rhythm of abiding with Jesus is simple, and I can take it with me even when I travel! Another simple daily practice is putting my bible app on audio mode and having it play out loud to me as I drive to work. Another simple tool! I thought their heads were going to explode with the simplicity of what I had just told them. Jesus doesn’t have to be complicated, we don’t have to be alone, studying on hands and knees for hours at a time, and he most certainly can be fun! Many of them have reported back to me, letting me know that they meet Jesus in the shower now, too!


Triangle: Up, In, and Out


Here is another great tool to bring into your youth group. One night, we drew up the triangle on a white board. Next, we briefly and simply explained that the triangle represents the three dimensional life that Jesus had: Up- his relationship to his Father, In- his relationship to his disciples and close followers, and Out- his relationship to those who don’t yet believe. We gave a few personal examples of our own and how it applied to our lives, and then asked them to take a few minutes to think of areas that our youth group did Up, In, and Out. We wrote them all up on the board in their corresponding categories, and noticed that we did Up and In really well, but there wasn’t much listed for “out.” Suddenly, light bulbs went off all over the room and they realized that we really didn’t do much Out! YES! This was the kairos that we wanted them to have! Next, we asked them to start brainstorming ideas where we could serve our Out community because the very next week we would pick one and do it! They got so excited! They came up with the service projects, and they came back the next week ready and pumped to go! We also calendared out other service projects in the coming months that we would take on, and that we did! They had a blast!


Prophet’s Triangle: revelation, interpretation, application


This story takes place in the upper bedroom of my old house during my high school girl’s huddle one evening! We went over and figured out what we thought each person’s five fold gifting was. I told them that since I was a Prophet, something I really wanted to multiply in them was being able to clearly hear the voice of God. I explained to them the Prophet’s triangle… We receive a revelation from God, we interpret it with our “In” community, and then we go “Out” and apply it to our lives- or do what it is that the Lord has told us. Then I told them that we were going to practice it RIGHT then! There was absolutely NO pressure, and even if they didn’t feel like they heard a word from the Lord, got a prophetic picture, scripture verse, sense, or the like, Jesus would still be SO pleased with them that they even gave it a go! Little did I know, that He would show up in a BIG way! I told the girls that I would put the timer on three minutes, and for them to get comfortable, close their eyes and just listen. If they needed something for their minds to grab a hold of, I told them to imagine what the eyes of Jesus would look like, and see what happened. They got comfortable, and the timer started… after three minutes, I was a little anxious to see what had happened- I was hoping that someone would have heard something! To my surprise and delight, they all told me they wished it had been longer, each had gotten a picture, and get this: one of my girls even had a trans-like experience. She said that she was sure that she had traveled to another cabin/house, and began following her dad down the hall way… and then I interrupted and said time was up! When she heard my voice snap her back into reality, and she “woke up” she said she had forgotten where she was (in my house) for a second, and swore that she wasn’t there just the second before! That opened up quite a fun discussion, and is something we will never forget! Shapes are such simple tools, and we get to be creative in applying every one in order to have students engage! More often than not, the results are surprisingly good and always exciting!!'

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