Our Speakers busy on the Road with 3 Different Room 1228 Themes

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This weekend all three of our guys are back on the road again.  Here’s the weekend update!

Chris Brooks:

Chris is at Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Ga for their Authentic 2009 Weekend. This church is using one of our 1228 Resources, Redefining Normal.  He’s there with a group of 250 students along with the Chris White band.


Chad Norris:

Chad is in Clermont, GA this weekend with Concord Baptist Church for their Disciple Now event. Wayfarer loves the opportunity to partner with Carlton Hicks and this group. They will be joining us for Wayfarer Camp this summer as well. This weekend they are going through our Room 1228 Theme “Recalled”.


Dave Rhodes:


Dave flew out this morning to head to Midland, TX to be with Greenwood Baptist Church. Dave partnered with this church last year and returns this year as they also use one of our Room 1228 themes, “Old School.” 

As you can see what a privilege it is this weekend to be taking our resources and the message of Wayfarer out on the road to other groups through three different theme outlets.  Each of the themes mentioned… Redefining Normal, Recalled and Old School all have great meaning and purpose and what an honor to be able to share the ideas and concepts on the road.  All of these themes were originally birthed through our creative team and through Engage, our home base that meets here in Greenville.

Please pray for these churches this weekend and our guys and that God would do amazing things in the lives of these ministries and students.


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