REC MAN: Here I Sit

By March 14, 2013Mission

 Recman is back and as excited as ever. This game is one that I have played with lots of different ages and size groups. It is definitely one I would classify as light weight and low maintenance. Once you get the hang of it, students will be asking all the time to play. Just be careful your guys don’t turn it into WWF Chair Fighting.

Here I Sit – Everyone sits in a circle on chairs. There is one extra empty chair in the circle. The person sitting next to the empty chair starts by moving into the empty chair and saying “Here I sit”. The next person moves along into the newly emptied chair and says “In this chair”. The next person moves up a seat and says “With my friend..” and names someone else in the circle, the person who is called comes and sits in that person’s old chair. The people on either side of the new empty chair have to race to sit in it (probably best to play this on carpet to avoid serious injuries if people fall off chairs!). If you have extra people, this is the point you rotate in someone for the person who lost the battle for the empty chair and begin the process again.

So give it a go and have fun!  You’ll be glad you did.'

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