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By February 16, 2012Mission

By day, David Reichley is the mild-mannered director of Wayfarer Camp. But at camp, David turns into REC MAN, whose curly blond wig has the ability to help any and every camper have fun. Each month, REC MAN will present a new game that you can use in your student ministry.

This month we feature Kiddy Pool Kickball: This is kickball with a water twist. First, second, and third bases are all kiddy pools full of water. It’s a great game during the hot days of summer. We used it at Wayfarer Camp 2011, and it was a big hit.

Preparation: You will need three kiddy pools full of water. Make sure to use inflatable kiddy pools, not the hard plastic kind, because they will hold up better during the game. Home plate can be like on a normal baseball field, or you can use a cone.

To ramp it up even further, have multiple sprinklers spraying the playing field, and set up a slip-and-slide from third base to home.

You can use a regular kickball for the game, or you can ramp it up with a bigger ball such as a yoga ball.

Supplies: Three kiddy pools, kickball or yoga ball. Also, make sure to have a hose available to keep the kiddy pools full of water. Optional: sprinklers, slip-and-slide.

Participation: You can play with as many players as you want. Simply divide your group up into two teams.

Start: Send one team out into the field and the other team up to bat.

Finish: Play a certain number of innings.

Rules: Play this game like a game of kickball, with the following exceptions:

No foul balls. A kick in any direction is a fair ball that can advance players.

When a player makes it safely to one of the bases, they do not have to advance on the next kick. Up to three players can be safe on a base (aka in the kiddy pool) at one time.

Once a fourth teammate arrives in a pool, at least one player must leave the pool and advance to the next base. Multiple players may advance at the same time, and they may advance in any order.

Sliding into home base via the slip-and-slide is optional but encouraged.

After three outs, the half-inning ends and the teams switch from offense to defense and vice versa.

Kiddy pool kickball is a great game, and you can easily get creative and make your own rules, as you see here. The main thing is to keep safe, get wet, and have lots of fun. So get ready to beat the heat playing kiddy pool kickball!


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