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By July 20, 2012Mission

By day, David Reichley is the mild-mannered director of Wayfarer Camp. But at camp, David turns into REC MAN, whose curly blond wig has the ability to help any and every camper have fun. Each month, REC MAN will present a new game that you can use in your student ministry.

This month Rec Man brings you Tusker Tag. It is one of my favorite tag games that you can play in a lot of different environments. We’ve played it with people of all ages, from a 6-year-old’s birthday party to a staff of adults. So no matter what the occasion, give it a go! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it creates lots of movement.

Preparation: Mark off a playing area.

Supplies: 3-4 pool noodles. We suggest buying five-foot-long noodles and cutting them in half. These will serve as the tuskers.

Participation: Everyone participates at once. Pair participants and have them link arms. Spread these pairs around the playing area. Once a pair is in place, it cannot move, because it serves as a “base” in this game of tag.

Start: To start the game, split one pair up. Give one member of the pair a tusker. This person is “It.” The other person in the pair must run to avoid the person with the tusker. “It” tags a runner by hitting him/her with the tusker. After doing this, “It” must drop the tusker and immediately beginning running away. The person just tagged will pick up the tusker and become “It.”

As someone is running away from the tusker tagger, he/she can attach to any base by linking arms with one of the people. When this happens, the person on the other side of the base becomes the runner. The rule is “two’s company but three’s a crowd.” So when a runner attaches to a pair on the right, the person on the left must begin running.

Rules: For the sake of safety, make sure that any tags are below the shoulders (no head shots) and that players swing the tusker in a horizontal motion.

Escalation: As participants become comfortable with the way the game works, you can escalate the game by adding more noodles. To do this, simply go to a stationary base and split the pair. Give one person a tusker and tell the other to run. When this happens, anyone with a tusker can tag any of the runners. You can continue this with more and more tuskers – just make sure you leave a few bases that people can attach to. As the chaos of multiple people running and chasing takes over, make sure you stay involved and help students figure out who is doing what.

Finish: There’s no set finish to the game. You can let this game go on for as short or as long as you choose.

Tusker Tag is one of my favorite games, and I have no doubt if you give it go it will be one of yours as well.


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