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By day, David Reichley is the mild-mannered director of Wayfarer Camp. But at camp, David turns into REC MAN, whose curly blond wig has the ability to help any and every camper have fun. Each month, REC MAN will present a new game that you can use in your student ministry.

This month, instead of giving you one game, I want to get you ready for summer fun by sharing several of the best water games I know.

Drip Drip Splash
This game is played the same as duck-duck-goose. But instead of touching the heads of those not picked, you drip a cup of water on their heads. The person picked (aka the goose) gets the rest of the cup poured on his or her head. As the person who is it moves around the circle dripping or splashing water, he or she should say, “Drip, drip, drip, drip, SPLASH!” When the splash happens, the chasing begins.

Flower Pot Pass
To start this relay, divide students into equal teams of 5-10 players. Get each team to form a straight line from a water source (we often use a kiddy pool) to an empty bucket. You can use a common water source and have teams spread out from it like spokes in a wheel. Each team needs a flower pot (with holes in the bottom) at the front of the line beside the water source.

When you say go, the first person in line will fill the flower pot and pass it overhead to the next person in line. The team continues to pass the flower pot in this manner until it reaches the back of the line. The last person in line will dump the water remaining in the flower pot into the bucket and run with the flower pot to the front of the line. That player then moves to the front of the line, fills the flower pot, and starts the process again. The teams continue in this way until one fills its bucket (or fills it to a given line).

Bottle Fill
To start this relay, divide students into equal teams of 5-10 players. Each team needs an empty bottle and a sponge. One player from each team lies down on his/her back while holding the bottle on his/her forehead. When you say go, another player from the team takes the sponge, runs to the water source (kiddy pool), drenches the sponge, and returns to the team. When this player returns, he/she empties the water in the sponge into the bottle on the teammate’s forehead. Another student then lies down with the bottle, and the student who was just lying down picks up the sponge and repeats the process. The first team to fill its bottle wins the relay.

Wet shirt
Place t-shirts (one per team) into the water source (kiddy pool). To start this relay, divide students into equal teams of 5-10 players. Position each team at a starting point  about 30 feet from the water source. Once the race begins, the first member runs to the water source, puts on a wet t-shirt over his/her clothes, and runs back to his/her team. When he/she reaches the team, he/she removes the shirt and gives it to the next person. This second person runs with the shirt in hand to the water sources, dunks the shirt into the water, and then puts it on. He/she then runs back to the team. The process repeats until everyone from the team has gone twice. The first team to have all players wear the shirt twice is the winner.

Keep cool and have fun this summer!


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