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All of us know how to play volleyball. And we have probably lots of experiences with 4 Square. But have you ever played 4 Square Volleyball? It is a great large group game for youth groups of all ages.  It is a combination of Volleyball and 4 Square. Then just add a huge ball. We played at Wayfarer Camp 2011 with 400+ students and it was amazing. So if you are looking for a great large group game then read on.


Supplies: Earth Ball (or other huge ball), 4 volley ball nets (we’ve used Pipe and drape as our net and we have used rope tied between poles, get creative if you don’t have 4 volleyball nets), open area, 2 Referees, and lots of participants.

Set up: Set up the 4 nets in a cross formation. Height depends on the age of the students. Set 4 equal boundaries to create 4 equal squares.

Picture 51

Ideal size group: 40+


  • Divide the students into 4 equal teams
  • Each team is assigned a square on the court
  • Start by tossing the earth ball into the air and into one of the squares
  • The team must work together to hit the ball over the net and into one of the other teams squares
  • No limit on hits to get the ball over the net
  • If the ball lands in your square or your team hits the ball out of the boundaries, then everyone rotates around towards the “King” square (same rules as 4 Square), while your team rotates into square #4.
    • Helpful hint: have teams rotate to the outside and around, not under the nets. Mass chaos when teams go under the nets. Trust me!
  • At this point everyone else rotates one square closer to the King Square (#1)

So there you go! 4 Square Volleyball. Set a date, get your supplies, stretch out, stay hydrated, and have some fun with your students.

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