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Recman is famous around the world for bringing high levels of fun to any group size and location. But this month I want to focus on a couple great student fundraisers. These are two of my favorites, and ones I continue to pass along to other Youth Groups looking to raise a few greenbacks for their next trip. As a disclaimer, I will also share a couple at the end that did not work out so well as fundraisers. Hey, they can’t all be winners!


Youth provide Childcare: Pick a night and open the church facilities to use the kids zone. Advertise to parents of the church that you are offering childcare from 5:30-9:30pm (or whatever amount of time you want). You can either set a price per kid (have a max $ amount for multiple kid families) or make it donation based. As the Youth Pastor, you will want to program out the night a bit with games, movies, dinner (or at least snacks), etc. If your church requires background checks (they should), then make sure you plan enough time in advance to get these done before the big night. This event can be done weekly or monthly as a regular experience. If parents know what you are raising money for, they will jump at the chance to support the students as well as get childcare for a much needed date night. I have also seen Youth Groups offer this between Thanksgiving and Christmas so parents can go shopping.


Youth Spaghetti Dinner: This is an old favorite. Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned spaghetti dinner? Especially when supporting it goes to a good cause. Our local church did this a couple years back and charged $10 for adults and $5 for kids. The whole night was family friendly while the students served everyone as if they were at a fancy restaurant. We had salads, spaghetti, bread, dessert, and coffee. It was amazing. And the students even wore ties as servers! To keep us engaged while waiting and then eventually eating, they shared testimonies, had trivia, showed videos, did bingo, and even had a youth leader as a stand up comedian. It was awesome. The night was closed out with the Student Pastor sharing her heart and asking all of us to consider donating financially to their summer missions trip.


The ones that did not work out so well:

Youth Valet Parking Sunday (Don’t ask.)

Youth Lawn Service (Who knew parents don’t teach their kids how to do quality outside work these days? Or that lawn mowers are dangerous?!)


So there you have it. Two great ideas for your next fundraising efforts and two to stay away from. How have you been successful in raising funds for your youth trips? Share below and let’s learn together.

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