Recman’s Great Ice-Breaker Game

By May 26, 2014Mission

Posse (Rock Paper Scissors style)

This is fun large group adaptation of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

To play:  first review the standard rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors (see below). Then ask your students to spread out and find a partner. Each pair plays a best of three round of Rock, Paper, Scissors for a warm up. Then the fun begins. Have them find a new partner to play against. From this point on it is one game (not best of 3). The losing player then stands behind the winning player becoming their “posse” and enthusiastically cheering for the student. The student then finds another winning student and challenges them to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each time a student wins, they collects the other team’s players, and they line up behind the unbeaten leader. At the end, there will be two students with really large posses behind them. We have played this with groups of all sizes as well as all ages of people. From kids to adults everyone loves a good game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

If your looking for a great ice breaker to get things started for the night, this one is on the top of the list. And everyone feels on top of the world when they have a posse behind them!


(If you are not familiar with the traditional rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors….two players face each other and count 1, 2, 3, and throw out one of the following hand signals: rock, paper, or scissors. Rock is formed by making a fist. Rock “beats” Scissors, by breaking them. Rock is beaten by the signal for Paper, as Paper covers Rock. Scissors is formed by horizontally extending your middle and index fingers (a sideways peace sign). Scissors “beats” Paper by cutting it. Scissors are beaten by Rock, as Rock smashes Scissors. Paper is formed by holding your hand out straight, with palm facing down. Paper “beats” Rock by covering it. Paper is beaten by Scissors, as Scissors cut Paper. The player whose signal beats the other wins.)'

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