Room 1228 presents Kairos

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Each summer, we create a Wayfarer Camp theme. Then after the summer, we adapt the theme to hit Room 1228 as a downloadable curriculum product. This is our way of taking the things that God does at Wayfarer Camp and making those experiences and epiphanies available to more people.

This summer, our camp theme was Kairos: It’s about time. And as of yesterday, Kairos is available in Room 1228. In the Kairos series, students will take a time out to evaluate everything by focusing on the only thing; they will let a time bomb go off so that they can be more by becoming less; they will avoid a time warp as they do more by doing less; and they will lean into a time change as they stop falling back and start springing forward.

It’s a great series, and we’re excited to share it through Room 1228. Check it out!'

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