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We all face difficulties and struggles and bumps in the road in our lives. But then there are moments that go beyond mere troubles and become tragedies. A hurricane or a tornado decimates a community. A death or divorce rocks a family. A firing or a foreclosure devastates a financial future. The trajectory of tragedy takes us to a place that leaves us ruined.

When we are ruined, we face unavoidable questions. What are we supposed to do when life crashes down around us in this way? Why does God allow His people to go through such pain and misery? Could God show us meaning during this kind of crisis in our lives?

Job was a character in the Bible who knew firsthand what it was like to be ruined, and yet he would answer this question with a yes. Job would even go one step furthe to tell us that we have opportunities when we are ruined that we will never have at any other time in our lives. The trajectory of Job,s life left him with a story that shows us that being ruined is not the end of our lives. Instead, the truth that God speaks is that even tragedy can lead us toward greater triumph.

This is the heartbeat of the Room 1228 theme Ruined. We’re excited to launch this theme that focuses on the story of Job to see what we can learn about the trajectory of tragedy in our own lives as well. This is an important theme that we trust will minister to many students and groups in tragic situations over the coming months and years.

To find out more about Ruined and Room 1228, go to You and your group won’t want to miss the chance to see how being Ruined can actually become the best worst day of your life.'

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