Room 1228 presents Smoke

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Where there’s Smoke, there’s fire. And in the Bible, when there’s fire, there’s God. Throughout the Old Testament, God revealed Himself through smoke and fire, and those appearances reveal who God is, what God is like, and where God’s heart is focused. 

At Wayfarer Camp 2010, we went through the Smoke theme, and now we’ve taken the big ideas of camp and turned them into the all-new Room 1228 theme Smoke. This theme leads us to consider the presence of God, the power of God, the provision of God, and the priority of God.

Smoke is now available for download at You can purchase Smoke as an individual theme, or if you’re an all-access member, you can find Smoke in your download zone now!

So step into the smoke with us, as we let our hearts be set on fire by the presence, the power, the provision, and the priority of God.'

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