Student Testimony Thursday

By July 3, 2014Faith

Blake Marsh is a student here in Pawleys Island and is a part of the Pawleys Island Community Church (PICC) youth group. We love how he leads those around him. We also love hearing from students and seeing their perspective on discipleship and ministry.

Throughout my time of being discipled, I have realized that high school should be a tool of God. Being continuously discipled and huddled has equipped me so that I can bring the kingdom of God to our schools and community. I do have the tools that can bring people to Christ, but I need to be courageous in order to use them. I pray for courage every night, cause I know every small opportunity in which I can share God’s love is a big deal to my Father.

God has blessed me with multiple spiritual leaders and they have shown me how God is unceasing. When I became a family member of my youth group at PICC; I learned about the fun, the powerful, and the merciful side of God. Even with God by my side, being a teenager is not all that great sometimes. Through the stress, confusion, and sadness, I know I always have someone to cry to. God knows my plans and He knows what I’m going through. Even though some of my prayers aren’t answered right away, I know they are heard. God is always listening and he always cares.

This is why I need courage daily: so that I may share my comfort and joy with my brothers and sisters. God is alive and I should never take that for granted.


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