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What a year of ministry it has been around here! If you are anything like us, you find yourself looking back over the past year and trying to figure out how it went by so fast. There are times in the journey that you find yourself wanting to push the fast-forward button or teleport to the future, and there are times when you can’t slow things down enough. And as much as we don’t enjoy the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, it’s in these times that we discover God and His many different attributes.

In the highs of this year, we worshiped God in a celebration of His blessings, the warmth of his closeness, the tenderness of His heart, and in the generosity of His provision and abundance. Just writing that last paragraph has brought a smile to my face as my mind races with times over this past year when the abundance of God was overflowing and celebrated. It is so good to be in those times and learn the lessons that come with them.

On the other end of things we find God in the lows of the year, as we look for strength to worship God in the midst of less-than, the pain of pruning, the tragedy of loss, and the carnage of the battle. As many say: Life is a battle, and we live in a war zone. In these times life is not fun, but we choose to stay faithful and trust that God is always good.

God is faithful. He is good. And He loves us more than we could ever imagine. But I have a sneaking suspicion you already know this. So we end this letter with a few words of gratitude from Wayfarer to you.

Thank you for supporting the continued work of God here at Wayfarer, even when we forget to let you know all the latest He is doing.

Thank you for staying faithful to giving, even when your own needs aren’t always met.

Thank you for believing in Wayfarer, even when we find it hard to believe in ourselves.

Thank you for praying for our continued guidance, even when you feel like you need guidance more than we do.

Thank you for believing it is possible to change the world, even when our own cynical thoughts would whisper the contrary.

We are looking forward to the highs and lows of the journey in 2011.

With gratitude,

David Reichley, Wayfarer'

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