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We have another board meeting this morning, and we thought we’d take the chance to thank our board and let you know what their full-time gigs are:

Richard Burgess is the chairman of our board. He’s served as a board member and/or board treasurer since Wayfarer began. He is also the owner and manager of Upstate ITS, a computing-solutions firm in Spartanburg.

Bob Caldwell Jr. has also served as a board member since Wayfarer’s inception in 2000. Bob is also an executive with Grace Management Group, which has created several companies that manufacture candles and other gifts.

Ben Daniel has served as a board member for the last several years and has been a great addition to the team. He is also a dentist who owns a practice in Greenville.

We’re thankful for all our board members and for all they do to serve and help Wayfarer.'

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