Wayfarer Camp update – 2/25

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As always, each week brings news with Wayfarer Camp at Anderson University, which is happening June 19-22. Here’s the latest:

*The Wayfarer team is headed to Anderson tomorrow to begin the process of looking at facilities and thinking through the details of housing, meeting rooms, and more for camp. It’s another great sign that camp is getting closer and closer.

*The Wayfarer Camp group on Facebook is growing. That’s a great place to see more about what’s happening at camp and to share ideas about how to let students in your groups know about it. Join the group and check back to see the latest things going on in the Wayfarer Camp community.

If you have any questions about the details of camp, let us know. You can leave a comment here or on the Facebook group, and we’ll give you the best answer we can. As we get closer, we’ll have more and more answers. So fire away with your questions!


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