Wayfarer’s 10-year club

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As Wayfarer celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, we want to thank two board members who have been with us since the beginning.

Richard Burgess, the chairman of Wayfarer’s board, served as Wayfarer’s accountant in 2000 when we began. Burg, as we call him, joined the board a couple of years later, and now he and his IT business Upstate ITS share a building with Wayfarer. We’re thankful for Burg’s computer and financial expertise, and even more for his friendship and his service over the years.

Bob Caldwell Jr. has also been a part of Wayfarer’s board from the beginning. His experience at Grace Management and his heart for ministry have been huge assets to Wayfarer as we’ve grown.

We’re thankful for friends who have served Wayfarer on the board for 10 years and for the board members who have served during our first 10 years.


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